For my international friends, in a few words, I cannot convey what this means. Luke Beveridge (coach) just took a team of young men to their first championship in 64 years, in only his 2nd year at the highest level of Australian Rules Football. Not long ago they survived a merger by a few dollars. This team, these men, represent the heart and soul of blue collar Australia. They weren’t pretty, their skills weren’t the cleanest, they’re raw but they BELIEVED and just did not know how to lose. The man he’s giving the medal to is captain Robert Murphy, who has bled blue, red and white for this club for 16 years, only to suffer a season-ending knee injury in round 3 and be forced watch his men win the flag from the sidelines. The coach brought him onto the stage, gave him HIS medal and stood in the background while Murphy and replacement captain Easton Wood presented the cup to the 100,000 strong crowd (and tens of millions around the world!). Their rise, besides their opponents, captured the rest of the nation’s 24 million residents hearts, who forgot their own team for a week. As a coach, it is never about you, it is only ever to bring out the best in the people you represent and Beveridge is the epitome of this.


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Coach Foulds

Coach Foulds utilises DNA / gene testing technology to minimise guesswork with exercise prescription and nutrition advice for strength, conditioning and athletic physique goals. He holds a BSc in Sports Coaching (Sports Science) & is due to to complete a MSci, MB & MAppSci by 2019. He currently lectures at a university in the Exercise & Sports Science faculties, previously taught over 1200 Personal Trainers & worked in elite international sport.