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"...Steve quickly built the trust and support of the players and coaches. His professionalism, knowledge and passion for his craft would be an asset to any organisation"

Anthony Rock Development Coach, Fremantle Dockers November 21, 2016

“I started training with Steve earlier this year doing mainly pad work. This week I started strength and conditioning. I’ve known a lot of people in this industry and Steve is as, if not more competent and knowledgeable.”

Matt White #19, Port Adelaide FC November 21, 2016

"It was clear he intended to compete in Mixed Martial Arts, as we had discussed on numerous occasions, but furthermore, by his extreme level of commitment. Steve displayed a great deal of enthusiasm took both his job and training seriously. He always showed respect and courtesy towards me and those around him. He applied himself to the best of his ability and was clearly a capable athlete. This path requires a great deal of dedication and perseverance."

George Sotiropoulos Professional Mixed Martial Artist, former UFC Lightweight Title Contender November 21, 2016

“I couldn't be happier with the services and information supplied by Coach Foulds that have turned my life around. At 37 years of age weight gain was just getting away from me, it was just a part of life and due to a hectic family life. By doing 3x 1hr sessions a week and a very small tweak in my diet I am as fit as I was when I was 21 and 12 kg has gone in less than 6 months. This was with little interference with my personal and family life. In a word, “Awesome” and thanks”

Geoff Ward, 37 years December 7, 2016

“I've had a few sessions with Coach Foulds and the results are showing already. His knowledge and unique ability to make you work hard whilst explaining the benefits are second to none, and his programming is up there with the best I've seen. I’d recommend him to anyone.”

Jarryd Browne, MMgtSport, BAppSc(HMS) December 7, 2016

“I’ve been working with Steve for about 5 months, I’m well on my way to achieving my goals, without Steve’s help, I’d be getting nowhere. Steve made a program based on what I can do, what I want to do and like to do so I couldn’t ask for more if I have any questions he’s always able to answer them. Working with Steve has been great thanks to his program I’ve lost 10 kilos so far, gotten far stronger, fitter and I feel great!”

Tony Pulis December 7, 2016

"I would like to thank Steve for his excellent incite and knowledge in preparing me for the Victoria Police Fitness test. Unlike a lot of other supposed personal trainers this man knows what he is talking about"

Paul Matete December 7, 2016

"Thank you Steve for your hard work and dedication. Your encouragement and enthusiasm coupled with your professional aptitude to all matters physical inspires me to achieve more than I thought possible. I look forward to your assistance in achieving greater goals in the future"

Lieutenant Jennie Qian Gao Australian Army Reserve December 7, 2016

“I lost 15kg in 4 months and I couldn’t have achieved it without the careful planning and nutritional advice from Steve. Steve designed a program that suited my objectives of losing weight, gaining strength and fitness. Where before I had trouble getting out of bed, playing with my 8-year-old son and not losing my breath. I now wake up full of vitality and jump out of bed, travel 45mins for my training session with Steve and get ready for a hard day at work. I now run up the stairs without any effort and without losing by breath. My eight year old just loves it that we can go for bike rides, play footy and play fight without daddy getting tired. It's brought us closer and I can teach him about life in a playful manner without him realizing it. My wife likes the new look too!!!

As we reach each milestone with Steve, he is always ahead of me and planning the right changes to my program, at my age, his advice on technique has meant no injuries and his nutritional advice has helped our weekly groceries bill reduce due to our overall healthier living. Without Steve’s encouragement and advice, I wouldn’t be 15Kg lighter and happier and now working on losing another 15kgs.

Our training sessions are designed for me to achieve my goals and full of advice and encouragement, Steve is a natural trainer with the ability to get this couch potato back on the fitness road healthier, fitter and lighter. Thank you, Steve!”

Con Kamvoussoulis December 7, 2016

“I have been going to Steve for training and nutritional advice for quite some time. No matter what I ask him, whether it be about how I should be training to reach my goals, or what/if any supplements I should be taking, Coach Foulds always has time to answer my questions. I would highly recommend engaging Coach for his services, whether it be for health or personal goals, he is the man to get you there!”

Damien Smith December 15, 2016

“I have been training for a few years with light weights and just general training when I played football. I got some advice from Steve who was very helpful. Basically, he asked me what I wanted to achieve and set me up with some supplements to achieve my goals. While I was playing football I just wanted to be fit and healthy, now I have set up properly at home and train 4 nights a week.

Steve also got me on to some protein, creatine and fat burning tablets which are working really well and cutting me up nicely.

All Steves advice has helped me step up my training and has sped up my results, I'm now reaching my goal weight and really starting to see the results. I have always been given excellent advice and will keep getting different tips and supplements from Steve”

Matthew Nott December 15, 2016

“Working with Coach Foulds has greatly improved my strength, my energy levels, physique and helping me deal with a high demanding physical job. Through his training and knowledge, I have gained a better understanding and am closer to achieving my set goals. I highly recommend Coach, he not only offers you his services of training but also offers you his extensive knowledge.”

Charlie Pulis December 16, 2016

“I have been training with Coach Foulds for a few months now, in that time I have exceeded my goals in increasing my strength significantly and also adding size and muscle mass. Coach is extremely knowledgeable and thorough and through our training sessions, he pushes me to get the maximum out of my workouts and achieve my goals. I highly recommend Coach to anyone looking for a trainer with a wealth of knowledge and experience.”

Thomas Carino December 16, 2016

“I am an active person, always looking for an effective all round workout to promote fitness and total body conditioning. Just ONE session ... showed me what I was lacking: Fitness, leg strength and complete upper body conditioning... a simple, quick half hour session into an addictive and fun session that will bring out the best in you”

Daniel Attard December 16, 2016

“... very easy going, loud and vibrant personal trainer, I knew straight away would be fun to work with. I have been through boot camps, a personal trainer, and gym classes for so many years, and I always tend to get bored after a few sessions. During our first session... listened to what I thought were my weak and tight spots... gave me a rigorous workout that actually pushed me to my limits, but did not give me the back pain I usually expected after my workouts.... really helped me with my back problems, focusing on strengthening my core and back. Training is never boring... targets my weak spots and knows what needs to be done to make my body fitter and better. Every session is always different, which I love, as I tend to get bored really easily... a fantastic instructor, motivating, supporting and best of all, fun!”

Kat Sanchez December 16, 2016

“This was a great program to build my fitness and get further motivated for summer. Steve was very thorough in his descriptions of the exercises carried”

James Bolton December 16, 2016

“BodyBlitz was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. The program really gets you pumping and the results are really quite obvious”

Anh Tran December 16, 2016

"I have been fortunate enough to work with Coach Foulds on a number of occasions whilst setting up and growing my PT business. As well as business advice he is my 'go to' for coaching advice. He seems to have the answers to everything in regards to fitness and strength training as well as being my marketing guru. I went from running an average outdoor fitness business to now owning a boutique Personal Training in the heart of Melbourne, thanks to Coach's expertise advice and guidance"

Patrycja Witkowska, FitIn2It West Melbourne December 16, 2016

“Coach Foulds was my coach/ teacher in 2011 whilst I was attaining my certificate in Personal Training. He constantly pushed us to think outside the square and expand our knowledge. Setting the bar for PT’s to work to a high standard. The knowledge he shared has been priceless”

Erin O’Brien December 16, 2016

“Coach Foulds was one of my coaches at the Australian institute of fitness. He was by far the best coach not only because of his patience and ability to teach, but he also has a wealth of knowledge from years of experience in the industry. He was able to convey skills that we ourselves could use in the industry as a posed to just teaching us what he had to. I learned so much from Coach in a short period of time and will always be truly grateful. Coach is a fantastic teacher and just an all round top bloke.”

Chiza Sterling, Chizled Fitness December 16, 2016

"Coach Foulds was my trainer at Sage institute of Fitness. He is extremely knowledgeable and supportive. With his teaching, I have gone on to my Degree in Exercise Science, Clinical practice at Victoria University. Coach is an excellent trainer and an even better person."

Cara Symons, FemmeFitCS December 16, 2016

When I wanted to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I approached my now long time coach John Will, and have now been an affiliate Will Machado BJJ instructor for over 15 years. When I wanted to enhance my cold blade skills and defence a few years ago I approached Ray Floro, which now I'm an Floro Fighting Systems instructor.
There's an old saying that "if you want to be the best you need to train with the best!"

Today, I was fortunate to learn weight lifting essential fundamentals and keys to longevity in such a physical life from my long time friends Steve Foulds. The respect I have for Steve stems back to when we used to meet John Will for private lessons, before both of us had serious back issues (not BJJ caused but work related for both of us around the same time). Both of us have taken directions that used what we learned from recovery to become better coaches and focus on longevity for ourselves and those we pass skills on to. Steve trains Personal trainers, a coach's coach. His knowledge has seen him train around the world and bring it back to Melbourne.
Today I experienced 3 and a bit hours of learning how to prepare and activate the correct muscles in the right firing order. From beginners to weight lifting and gym equipment to professional personal trainers in attendance, today was jam packed with little gold nuggets of wisdom. I'll be looking to bring him to Integrity MAA for a seminar soon.
Cheers for an awesome seminar Steve

Craig Donaldson, Head Coach & Owner, Integrity Martial Arts Academy, Eltham January 31, 2017

I was worried about feeling judged about not knowing what to do. I didn't end up feeling this way at all, it was a very supportive and friendly environment. Coach Foulds has fantastic knowledge and delivers it in a way which everyone can understand and relate to.

Jes Larsen, Coach, Footscray City Gymnastics Club January 31, 2017

One of the few people that would make you feel at ease, he is highly respected in my view, and would gain yours really quickly, he doesn't beat around the bush, he is one of the best in the industry

Symone Jayde, Personal Training Student January 31, 2017

I found it exactly what I needed, some reassurance that I was on the right track and to gain more confidence. I was worried my technique was going to be way off, but it wasn't, and the way things were explained, really made sense to me. I would tell my friends to go and do it so that they themselves can gain more knowledge or so they have a stepping stone into their own training so they aren't completely blindsided!

Beth Tudor (with Indi), Coach, Footscray City Gymnastics Club January 31, 2017

default image

It was a great session with thorough information and opportunities for practice. I particularly enjoyed the personal feedback relating to my background & limitations. I was expecting that the session would be catered towards my lack of experience and I learnt a lot more than what I expected. The travel distance was my only initial hesitation to attend, but definitely worth it! Coach Foulds has a wealth of knowledge and explains movements clearly & thoroughly. He gives feedback based on your individual abilities & background. An excellent coach!

Jeannie Davidson January 31, 2017

It was an incredibly informative session about proper ways to get the maximum out of the most important exercises. My biggest fear would have been coming out of it with no new knowledge. It didn't come true, learnt some very handy stuff. I found out I had been doing simple things wrong for a while and I'm sure many people are doing the same.  I gave the workshop 10/10 because it actually helped.

Wade Taylor January 31, 2017

It was great! Go do it! Even if you know nothing, they make you feel welcome and that it's okay to be starting your journey whilst others are upskilling theirs. Coach was very easy to approach with questions, even if they were simply clarifying names of movements/equipment. He makes you feel confident and comfortable to go and try out the gym in a safe way with his evident knowledge in the industry and his passion for helping people.

I was a newbie to the gym and it was daunting walking in. The equipment looked like a deconstructed work site waiting to be assembled. After about 10 mins, I began to feel okay and had learnt how to warm up. I was clearly a newb to the gym, and as I looked around, could see that others were far ahead in their fitness journeys. I was at ease when I heard that one person's warm up is often another person's entire session and that it was okay and no two people are at the same place in their journey. Being told the basics of how to squat (yes I had heard of this move but never knew how to do it properly) 'butt back' was yelled and that made sense. The course is catered to everyone's level.

My biggest fear was that I would be only one with no experience inside a gym and that I would struggle to understand the speech of what being taught and further injure my lower back injuries. Yes they did come true with the first two but I thankfully didn't hurt my lower back as technique was thoroughly shown and corrected with feedback. Also the use of broomsticks for practice was great before adding the actual barbell which was weighted. In terms of overcoming the noise factor and speech, I tried to position myself so I could lipread, I read the booklet pages relating to that section and watched intently the visual demonstrations and then let other participants go first with practice so I could ensure I had a good idea before trying it myself.

I specifically liked that a booklet was handed out at the beginning. I am Deaf and the gym was noisy, so it was evident I'd need to rely on lip reading. But Steve performed detail demonstrations which helped with the detailed descriptions in the book. Also the feedback and advice when trying out the movements was great! Really helped me to judge if what I felt (new muscles I'd forgotten I had) was doing it correctly.

Yvette Thompson January 31, 2017

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