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Next Workshop: Fundamentals of Strength Training / Gym Intro Workshop – Sunday March 5 2017

Next Workshop: Fundamentals of Strength Training / Gym Intro Workshop – Sunday March 5 2017

Sunday, March 5, 2017 is our next workshop, the highly popular “Fundamentals of Strength Training / Gym Intro” !

Have you ever wanted to learn to do weights but weren’t sure how?

Have you been too intimidated to use the weights room?

Have you ever wanted to learn to use the gym but did not want a Personal Trainer?

Want to learn a MUCH safer way to lose weight than running?

For over a decade in the fitness industry and conversations with thousands of people around the world, I’ve constantly heard “I would do weights but I don’t know how”. The problem has finally been solved with a half day “Beginner Weight Training” workshop. For the cost of HALF of one 60min personal training session, you’ll get 3 hours coaching in a safe, supportive environment and:

  • Learn the 6 MOST important lifts
  •  Get a take home / to the gym workbook reiterating the cues you’ll learn
  • Get personal coaching
  • Get practice time
  • A Question and Answer session

But MOST importantly, leave with the confidence to tackle the weight room ON YOUR OWN!

All ages welcome, but there’s STRICTLY LIMITED TO 10 SPOTS!

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A Passion To Teach

Coach Foulds has an eternal thirst for knowledge and a passion to teach. He believes we have a duty, an obligation, a legacy to leave – if we can help someone we should, if we know something and can pass it on, we should. He feels guilty if he has something others can learn from and not be able to share it. He believes EVERYONE can benefit from weight training and is excited by what he can teach you, and change your life forever!!

He can not say it better than EliteFTS: Live, Learn, Pass On!

Meet Coach Foulds

  • Masters of Business (TBC)
  • Masters of High-Performance Sport (TBC)
  • Bachelor’s of Sports Science (Sports Coaching)
  • Cert IV Training Adult Education
  • University exercise and sport science tutor
  • Taught 1000s of classes, seminars and workshops nationwide
  • Content author of Australia’s largest fitness qualification
  • Education consultant and project manager to international fitness company
  • Former campus manager at Australias largest fitness education company
  • Former personal training company owner
  • Former state level Strength and Conditioning coach
  • Former international level Strength and Conditioning assistant
  • 12+ years experience and 8+ other related qualifications

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Coach Foulds utilises DNA / gene testing technology to minimise guesswork with exercise prescription and nutrition advice for strength, conditioning and athletic physique goals. He holds a BSc in Sports Coaching (Sports Science) & is due to to complete a MSci, MB & MAppSci by 2019. He currently lectures at a university in the Exercise & Sports Science faculties, previously taught over 1200 Personal Trainers & worked in elite international sport.

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What ever your question or query please feel free to get in touch and Coach will get back to you ASAP!