Not sure how this slipped through! If you haven’t read it already, Mindset by Carol Dweck is one of the most important books of ALL time. This is from someone who reads about 70 books a year. It was first recommended to me by a Professor at the Australian Institue of Sport from a coaching perspective, but I got more parenting advice out of it! The book discusses how what we say to a 2 year old impacts them as a 20 year old and the differences between a “fixed” and “growth” mindset. There are entire schools built on one of these mindsets these days!

It was updated in 2015 but I only just found out this week! Amazon keeps bringing up the original edition for some reason (maybe for the best seller badge), this link is for the updated version!

Coach Foulds

Coach Foulds utilises DNA / gene testing technology to minimise guesswork with exercise prescription and nutrition advice for strength, conditioning and athletic physique goals. He holds a BSc in Sports Coaching (Sports Science) & is due to to complete a MSci, MB & MAppSci by 2019. He currently lectures at a university in the Exercise & Sports Science faculties, previously taught over 1200 Personal Trainers & worked in elite international sport.