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Designing Warm Ups

Designing Warm Ups

I was asked earlier about how I design warm ups. It takes me about 45mins to scratch the surface so i’ll pencil it for a future webinar or podcast, but here’s the gist. I basically follow the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) model of Inhibit>Lengthen>Activate>Integrate. Each section in more detail may look like:

Inhibit: SMR (Self Myofascial Release) so foam rolling, lacrosse ball, barbell smash etc.

Lengthen: Static stretching (in short NO you shouldn’t static stretch before weight training UNLESS something stops you from getting into a required position like tight hip flexors from hitting parallel in a squat) and then banded distractions (see Donnie Thompson ‘s youtube channel)

Activate: Banded distractions fit in here too, as does all your activation work. Anytime someone who knows what they’re talking about has said “you can’t turn x on”, “your x isn’t firing” or “you have no x” (x could be glutes for example) this would be what you activate.

Integrate: This is where we start the movement patterns we’re going to do in the days session. If we’re going to bench we’ll start benching with no weight, could be a set a bodyweight squats if we’re going to squat. If you’re designing a warm up for a sports session, sprinting, increasing intensity, should go here.

Then the session starts. I like the scalability of this model, I’ve used it everything from one-on-one sessions to 70+ players at the same time on an oval.

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Coach Foulds utilises DNA / gene testing technology to minimise guesswork with exercise prescription and nutrition advice for strength, conditioning and athletic physique goals. He holds a BSc in Sports Coaching (Sports Science) & is due to to complete a MSci, MB & MAppSci by 2019. He currently lectures at a university in the Exercise & Sports Science faculties, previously taught over 1200 Personal Trainers & worked in elite international sport.

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