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Gut health, Digestion and Performance!

Gut health, Digestion and Performance!

“Gut health”, if not the latest buzz word in the diet industry, it’s the next. Despite this, it’s not new. Many smarter and better looking people than I – my coach Martyn Girvan, the Mountain Dog John Meadows and Hawthorn Hawks dietician Simone Austin to name a few that I’ve conversed with and been influenced by, have been singing its praises for years.

We are made of cells, and our food must be broken down before our cells can utilise the nutrients that make them. This break down is caused by digestive enzymes – the back bone of gut health. We all have to eat and what we eat has to be broken before it can be utilised, why not make the process as effective and efficient as possible?Continue Reading

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Alongside a revamp of the site, we’re adding a couple of extra pages. Now I’ve returned to the education sector, I’ve decided to put up the FAQs of me from my students, as well as a list of resources I recommend to my students as we work through classes. I’m trying to ensure my former students who had me part-time don’t miss out, and can check back for any future additional ones. Happy Wednesday!

2014 AFL Grand Final Symposium Notes – “A League of Challenges – Promoting Peak Performance”

2014 AFL Grand Final Symposium Notes – “A League of Challenges – Promoting Peak Performance”

Friday 26th September I was lucky enough to be front row, centre stage for the 14th AFL Grand Final Symposium held in Parkville, Melbourne, Australia. The event hosted an AFLs who’s who, not just speaking but in the crowd too. The symposium was divided into 4 parts, being the introduction, “Balancing Innovation and Evidence Based Science”, “Legal and Ethical Boundaries for Peak Performance” and closing with “Player Development – Casualty or Opportunity?”

A welcome address was made by Dr. Hugh Seward, followed by the introduction from Mark Evans and Guy McKenna’s keynote address, which was humorous, insightful and engaging. Some take away points for me:

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Improving the relationship between Coaches and Fitness staff

As part of my self-development I observe and research many teams and speak to their coaches. Many of them have a general understanding of how importance fitness of their athletes is, but if they do have fitness staff arent exactly sure what they can do and if they dont have any, rely on others outside the club to be responsible for it.

I decided to conduct a survey to head coaches regarding fitness staff, what their roles, expectations and value is perceived as. If you have not completed it, please do so here:

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