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Ive decided the layout is tired and needs a revamp! I’ll be launching it in conjunction with some new services we’ll be offering and the first issue of Maximum Sports Performance Magazine!

Launching Maximum Sports Performance Magazine!

Launching Maximum Sports Performance Magazine!

My apologies things have been a little quiet around here.. but for good reason! Ive been working hard on putting together a magazine, Maximum Sports Performance! Giving you a monthly dose of Intelligence For Elite Sports Personnel! Check it out here!

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Improving the relationship between Coaches and Fitness staff

As part of my self-development I observe and research many teams and speak to their coaches. Many of them have a general understanding of how importance fitness of their athletes is, but if they do have fitness staff arent exactly sure what they can do and if they dont have any, rely on others outside the club to be responsible for it.

I decided to conduct a survey to head coaches regarding fitness staff, what their roles, expectations and value is perceived as. If you have not completed it, please do so here:

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The 2014 ASCA International Conference on Applied strength and conditioning will host the ‘Women in Strength and Conditioning Breakfast’, to be held in the Jim Stynes Room at the MCG from 7:00am until 8:30am on the opening day of the Conference Friday 7 November.

For more info, visit:

Quick tip for Sports Science uni students:

Load your study at the front end – do as much as you possibly can at the start of your degree and taper off your study load as the years progress. This way, as the shift from academia to applied occurs, you can afford the time to apply for all the internships/cadetships your university offers.


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